Wound Healing: How Can I Speed Up the Process?

Various types of wounds, whether they are located on cannon bones or high motion joints like the hocks or carpus, can become difficult to close up and heal. From colic surgery, to any type of skin laceration, these unco-operative, recalcitrant wounds can take months and even upwards to a year and beyond to heal completely. The explanation behind this long healing process is usually due to the skin areas around the wound lacking nutrients and often there is not enough blood cell supply to actually heal it as well.

Recently, we finished up a very interesting study regarding wound healing and how to significantly speed it up! With the power of regenerative medicine, there are multiple avenues of treatments to explore in doubling the speed of healing time. In our study, we tried different methods consisting of using amnion, which is amniotic membrane from placenta, PRP’s, hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatment and then no treatment on some to act as a control. In conclusion, our biggest finding was that using amnion and the

hyperbaric oxygen chamber, healed at twice the speed than the control where no treatment was implemented.

In a specific example of this comparison, we had a six month old horse get its foot stuck in a fence and acquire a wound infection, while also having nearly the exact same problem in an older horse with a cannon wound injury. With one of the horses, the client decided to go with no treatment. With the other horse, the client accepted the hyperbaric oxygen chamber and amnion as treatment. The horse that got treatment took only 60 days to heal, as opposed to the other horse, which took a year and half to completely heal. This difference is huge!

We have many similar stories of healing cases just like the one above at our website:


We agree that the new products coming out in stores to increase healing aren’t bad, but through our studies, we do have the evidence to back up our case with these alternative healing methods that are proven to increase wound healing by 50% or more.

Why are these treatments successful? There are quite a few reasons. First, the oxygen chamber increases the release of stem cells from the bone marrow. This helps those cells that are between the wound, and contributes to scar prevention. In addition to that, it also brings oxygen to the wound without needing blood vessels, which then revitalizes the tissue and increases new blood vessel formation.
This creates a rippling effect and that’s why the healing is so effective. From there if we really want to speed things up, we can attack the wound with more stem cells, amnion or tissue from placenta to bring an even more powerful regeneration.

We stand by these methods and know it can bring your horse back up to speed through a better and faster wound recovery. If you have any questions about wound healing, or want to learn more about our case studies mentioned, don’t hesitate to give us a call and visit https://equinehyperbaric.com.