equine pools for horse owners and equine athletesEquine Swimming Pool

Our equine swimming pool is state-of-the-art and provides superior aerobic exercise without any of the stress on the tendons, ligaments and muscles of the leg that traditional, weight-bearing on-the-ground exercises create.

Swimming your horse maintains proper body and muscle tone, cardiopulmonary capacity and helps maintain or increase the mental capabilities of the horse. It is especially effective in helping the equine athlete recover from sour attitudes that some seasoned horses develop after long periods of performance.

Post-surgical cases benefit greatly from this more gentle type of rehabilitation and exercise. Swimming allows the horse to begin using its muscles and cardiopulmonary system within 7-14 days after surgery. The length of swim time is gradually increased as the horse recovers its ability to endure more strenuous activity.

Swimming is beneficial to all horses and is especially useful for horses who have undergone leg surgery, abdominal surgery or any procedures that prohibit exercise that causes an impact on the musculoskeletal system. Horses with EPM or Laminitis benefit greatly from swimming as it allows them to rebuild lost muscle and coordination. This cannot be done with on-the-ground exercise.

Our 14 foot-deep pool has an oversized, commercial filtering system that keeps the water clean, blue and clear. Chlorination and pH systems keep the water free of bacteria. Our water is tested daily to ensure its quality and safety. The pool is a straight-line design where the horse swims against resistance. This is the safest method for swimming equine patients since they are only a few strides from safety should they become unable to swim. The clean water of the pool also provides a much safer environment than traditional swimming ponds.

Our pool uses Paradise Pure is a blend of Natural Minerals and Enzymes that complement normal pool chemistry by reducing the amount of the caustic chemicals used. The Paradise Pure creates an environment in the water that is deadly to Alge and Bacteria while enhancing Clarity and Filtration. The water becomes Silky and Soothing to the eyes and skin unlike the drying effect of normal pool chemistry. Other positive side effects are, its Natural Antifungal properties allow it to help end Eradicate Thrush and other Yeast Infections on the skin.

Swimming is a perfect augmentation to a comprehensive rehabilitation or exercise program which might include the Aqua-Pacer, Equigym, Cold Saltwater Leg Spa, and Hyperbaric Chamber therapy.

Some injuries that benefit from swimming in a pool:

  • • Tendon and ligament injuries
  • • EPM
  • • Laminitis
  • • Fractures of bones or joints
  • • Bone spurs, spavins, or arthritis
  • • Some neurological ailments that prevent the horse from being able to enjoy normal exercise that requires balance or coordination
  • You can contact the staff of The Equine Performance Center at 352-369-HEAL (4325)