Equine Regenerative Therapy

Equine Regenerative Therapy

Revolutionizing Equine Health with Alpha 2EQ Regenerative Treatment

At EPIC,we are at the forefront of innovative treatments, and our 

Alpha 2EQ Regenerative Treatment is a prime example of this commitment. Utilizing the groundbreaking potential of Alpha 2 Macroglobulin (α2M), this treatment represents a significant advancement in treating equine lameness, joint inflammation, and soft tissue injuries.

Understanding Alpha 2 Macroglobulin (α2M) and Alpha 2EQ

When isolated and concentrated using the Alpha 2EQ system, α2M becomes a powerful tool in veterinary medicine. This molecule works by removing enzymes that cause damage and inflammation in the body, thereby improving healing and offering protection against future injuries.

The Impact of Alpha 2EQ Treatment

  • Natural and Potent: Alpha 2EQ leverages a horse’s own biological mechanisms to initiate healing.
  • Targeted Inflammation Reduction: Directly addresses the source of lameness and joint inflammation.
  • Enhanced Healing: Accelerates the recovery process in soft tissue injuries.
  • Protection Against Future Damage: α2M not only treats existing conditions but also helps safeguard against further injuries.

Our Mission: Peak Performance for Every Patient

At the Equine Performance Innovative Center, our mission is to transform our patients, enabling them to reach their peak performance abilities. With Alpha 2EQ Regenerative Treatment, we’re able to offer a highly effective, biologically-based treatment that specifically targets the root causes of common equine ailments. This advanced treatment is a testament to our dedication to providing the best care and the latest in veterinary medicine. To learn more about how Alpha 2EQ Regenerative Treatment can benefit your horse and contribute to their optimal health and performance, we invite you to contact our expert team at the Equine Performance Center. Call 352-369-HEAL (4325), or schedule a consultation here.

Partnering with Performance Equine Veterinary Services (PEVS)

Performance Equine Veterinary Services (PEVS) – Our esteemed partner in delivering exceptional equine care. PEVS is experienced in comprehensive equine health, offering advanced treatments and services for optimal performance. Together, we’re committed to the wellbeing and peak performance of your equine athlete.