Canine Swimming Pool

Canine Swimming Pool

Aquatic Rehabilitation For Canines

At the Equine Performance Center, we understand the unique benefits of water therapy for canines. Our Canine Swimming Pool offers a specialized environment for both rehabilitation and conditioning, providing a host of health benefits for dogs of all ages and conditions.

Therapeutic Benefits 

  • Reduced Joint Stress: The buoyancy of water decreases weight-bearing stress on joints, alleviating pain and discomfort.
  • Enhanced Range of Motion: Water enables gentle movement of all four limbs, improving flexibility and strength through natural resistance.
  • Neurological Muscle Re-education: Swimming encourages the use of muscles in new ways, aiding in neurological recovery and muscle coordination.
  • Psychological Well-being: Many dogs experience psychological uplift from being able to exercise without pain.
  • Skin and Coat Health: Our pool water is enriched with special additives that reduce eye and skin irritation. This is particularly therapeutic for dogs with skin allergies, hot spots, and fungal infections.

Safety & Clarity

Our pool utilizes Paradise Pure, a blend of natural minerals and enzymes that complement traditional pool chemistry, reducing the use of harsh chemicals. This creates a safe, algae and bacteria-free environment, enhancing water clarity and filtration. The result is water that is silky and soothing to the eyes and skin, countering the drying effects often seen with standard pool treatments. Its natural antifungal properties also aid in treating and preventing skin conditions like thrush and yeast infections.

Tailored Treatment With Swimming Sessions

  • The duration of swimming sessions varies based on each dog’s endurance, with the ultimate goal being 30 minutes of continuous swimming. While swimming once a week is effective, twice-weekly sessions provide more significant benefits.
  • Key Advantages: Regular swimming sessions in our pool can lead to decreased joint stress, improved strength, neurological retraining, enhanced cardiovascular health, positive psychological impacts, effective weight management for overweight dogs, conditioning, and support in post-operative and injury recovery.

To learn more about how our Canine Swimming Pool can benefit your dog or to schedule a session, please contact our team at the Equine Performance Center. Call 352-369-HEAL (4325).