Equine Cold Saltwater Leg Spa

Equine Cold Saltwater Leg Spa

Revitalizing Recovery: Equine Cold Saltwater Therapy

At the Equine Performance Center, we proudly offer the Cold Saltwater Leg Spa, an exceptional treatment designed to combat inflammation and accelerate natural healing in lower leg injuries. This spa therapy is pivotal in treating a range of conditions from injured tendons and ligaments to shins, hooves, wounds, cuts, and bruises. It also serves as a preventative measure, reducing the risk of future injuries.

Benefits of Cold Saltwater Therapy

Inflammation is a significant barrier to healing, and the Cold Saltwater Leg Spa directly addresses this challenge. By effectively reducing swelling, the spa aids in kick-starting the healing process and controls further swelling that might impede recovery. Regular usage can mitigate daily stresses and strains, preventing them from escalating into severe injuries.

A Crucial Tool Against Laminitis

Laminitis, a common and potentially fatal equine disease, can be effectively managed in its early stages through treatments, significantly improving the chances of prevention. For chronic cases, this treatment offers relief from pain, supports healthy hoof growth, and prevents infection, particularly following remedial farriery.

Advanced Technology for Natural Healing

The spa combines modern technology with the natural benefits of seawater and cold running water. The water is maintained at a brisk 35° to 40° F (2° to 4° C), with a high salt concentration to amplify healing effects. This cold temperature reduces swelling, numbs pain, and slows tissue degeneration. The salt intensifies the cold’s effect while conditioning skin tissues. Furthermore, air jets in the water provide a massaging effect, enhancing relaxation and stimulating tissue repair. The oxygen-enriched, aerated water further enriches the healing process.

Tailored Treatment for Every Horse  

Our spa is designed to cater to individual needs, with adjustable water depth and a process that ensures fresh, clean water for each horse. With doors at both ends, horses experience stress-free entry and exit. Sessions typically last between 10-20 minutes and can accommodate horses of all sizes, from the largest to the smallest pony.

To explore how the Cold Saltwater Leg Spa can be integrated into your horse’s rehabilitation or wellness program, please reach out to our team at the Equine Performance Center. You can contact the staff of The Equine Performance Center at 352-369-HEAL (4325)