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We ignore the influenza virus, but when it knocks on our doors we get alarmed and sometimes wonder if we should have vaccinated. Flu endemic in central Florida! For the last several weeks I have been treating horses that have been exposed to influenza virus. When we talk about influenza virus, we should not take it lighly. Sometimes we think its just a "common cold" type of thing.  However, I just saw a horse with  influenza get infected at a horse show, then get better, then develop systemic inflammatory syndrome and is now fighting between life and death. Read more in the AAEP website when you click here I always get the question: "Doc should I vaccinate my horses"? My answer: Even if the vaccine is not 100 percent effective, it sure will have a lot of protection and could make your headache a lot lighter should your horse get infected. Moral of the story: Better safe than sorry.  Don't hesitate, VACCINATE!For better protection, if your horse travels to horse shows or horse races, you might have to vaccinate your horses up to every 3 months. Call us at (352) 369-4325 if you have any questions

  • Photo: Chester Weber wins the Cones phase and finishes in the top five at Beekbergen CAI 3* in The Netherlands (Photo courtesy of Marie de Ronde-Oudemans)

Team Weber Wins Cones Phase and Finishes in Top Five at Beekbergen CAI-A4

Ocala, FL (July 21, 2015)— Chester Weber returned to The Netherlands on July 16-19 for the Beekbergen CAI 3*, masterfully winning its Cones phase with the only fault-free performance of its division and finishing fifth overall among its international entries. The Ocala, Florida horseman demonstrated anew why he and his matched bay KWPN team are in the top ten of the Four-in-Hand FEI rankings. Photo: Chester Weber wins the Cones phase and finishes in the top five at Beekbergen CAI 3* in The Netherlands (Photo courtesy of Marie de Ronde-Oudemans) The Beekbergen CAI 3* served as a World Cup qualifier for fellow driving four-in-hand competitors contending for the European Championships in August in Aachen, Germany. Beekbergen had more than 30 entries from nearly a dozen nations, including many of the same contenders Team Weber faced en route to the Individual Silver Medal win at the 2014 World Equestrian Games in Normandy. “My cones team is technically nice to drive, and is a combination that I have a lot of experience with,” Weber said, praising his horses for delivering the only flawless effort in Cones at Beekbergen. The team included Weber's 2014 WEG Silver medal-winning Uniek (aka, Nick) and Splash, a pair of 16.2-hand bay KWPN geldings provided to Team Weber by Jane Forbes Clark. It was after a strong performance at Beekbergen three years ago that Europeans began dubbing Weber “Mr. Dressage.” The 11-time U.S. National Four-in-Hand champion did not disappoint this year, turning in a 41.29 effort in Friday's Dressage phase to sit third by just a three-point margin behind early leaders Ijsbrand Chardon and Boyd Exell. By Sunday, the sole American entry in his division proved his mettle, handily executing a Cones

Equine Performance Center Partners With Combined Driver Chester Weber

Ocala, FL – The Sanctuary Equine Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation Center has joined forces with Combined Driver Chester Weber, becoming the latest Team Weber sponsor to join the championship team. The Sanctuary is located in Ocala, Florida, and Weber, a force to be reckoned with in the field of Four-In-Hand Combined Driving, also claims Ocala as his home base. Photo: Tom Grabe, The Sanctuary’s Managing Partner in Ocala Florida is excited to join forces with Combined Driver Chester Weber, becoming the latest Team Weber sponsor to join the championship team. “The Sanctuary is proud to partner with someone as dynamic as Chester Weber as he is a true horseman as well as a champion. Anyone who has met Chester, or seen him compete, knows that he demands the most from himself and his equine athletes. The Sanctuary is proud to help Chester maintain his top horses,” said Tom Grabe, The Sanctuary’s Managing Partner. “The Sanctuary is excited to have Chester Weber on board as a strategic partner. We feel that The Sanctuary's cutting-edge therapy and proven modalities can do nothing but enhance the performance of his team.” Weber and his team are the United States Four-In-Hand Combined Driving Champions, a title they have held for the past six years. Team Weber is currently preparing again for the U.S. Championships, hoping to earn an unprecedented seventh consecutive win. Weber was also the first American to win an individual medal at the Four-In-Hand World Championships in The Netherlands. “Besides being a top competitive driver, Weber is involved with thoroughbred race horses and jumpers. This knowledge and expertise offers us a perspective that we don't get from many horsemen in the industry,” Grabe said. As a high quality

Royal Redux: Chester Weber Claims Second Royal Windsor Horse Show Four-in-Hand Victory

London, England (May 20, 2015)- It was a royal redux at England's Royal Windsor CAI3* as HRH Queen Elizabeth again congratulated Chester Weber, of Ocala, Florida, on his second consecutive victory in the four-in-hand division. The 11-time USEF National Champion and three-time World Equestrian Games Silver medalist returned to the 2015 Royal Windsor Horse Show to defend the title he won there last May. Photo: HRH Queen Elizabeth congratulates Chester Weber on another four-in-hand win at the Royal Windsor Horse Show (Photo courtesy of Risto Aaltonen) (Click on picture for high res. copy of photo) Fresh off the Live Oak International CDE win in March in the US, Team Weber, comprised of the horses owned by Chester Weber and Jane Forbes Clark, headed to Europe and to the top of the leader boards at the Royal Windsor. But this year’s competition was no repeat of last year's handy finish for Team Weber. Living up to his moniker, 'Mr. Dressage,' Weber won the opening dressage phase with a score of 36.22, but unlike the year prior, this past week’s competition saw Team Weber’s strongest competitors very close on the scoreboard, with Boyd Exell just fractions of a point behind with a score of 36.57. With just a smidge of a lead, Team Weber had their work ahead of them. “We had to fight hard for this one. We were in a tight race with Boyd after dressage, and had a costly knockdown in marathon,” Weber said about the tense second phase, which saw Team Weber drop to third position, while a tightly executed 95.64 effort by Exell moved him into the top spot after Saturday’s Marathon. But not for long— Team Weber was now

Chef d’Equipe Chester Weber Guides Jacob Arnold and Team USA to Success at 2014 FEI World Driving Championships

Izsak, Hungary (October 7, 2014) - Each time that it seems Chester Weber has reached the height of accomplishment in the driving discipline, he and his team find a way to step even higher. This September, Weber served as the esteemed Chef d'Equipe for the United States Team at the 2014 FEI World Driving Championships for Singles while his apprentice Jacob Arnold drove Hotspur's Red Rowl put in an impressive debut World Championship performance. Ranked number one in the world in the FEI Top Driver Award Standings for Four-in-Hand, three-time World Equestrian Games Individual Silver Medalist Chester Weber was the obvious choice to be Chef d'Equipe for the 2014 FEI World Driving Championships for Singles. The driving competition took place on September 23-28, 2014 in Izsak, Hungary. The United States’s best singles drivers vied against global talent during the week of competition. Weber was proud of the United States’s performance, including the success of Live Oak driver apprentice Jacob Arnold of Ocala, Florida. For Arnold, the 2011 USEF Junior Equestrian of the Year, working with Chester Weber is the ideal next step as a rising star in driving. “I owe a big thank you to Chester Weber, who came up with this idea, and has gone above and beyond to make this a reality,” Arnold stated. Weber, who recently began his Live Oak Driver Apprentice Program to assist promising drivers in furthering their skills, is honored to have Arnold as his first apprentice. Arnold proved his own talent and the successfulness of Weber’s training at the 2014 FEI World Driving Championships for Singles, where he drove Karen Chandor and John Merritt’s ten-year-old Morgan gelding, Hotspur’s Red Rowl (“Rowley”), with eye-catching technique and accuracy. The pair’s

Pegasus Laser Therapy – The Equine Athlete Solution

See how the Pegasus therapy laser is keeping these olympic competitors in action. Featuring testimonials from Kyle Carter, Dr. Pete Kazakevicous, Ciaran Dunne, and Belinda Nairn. Call Us Today! (352) 369-HEAL (4325) For more information on Pegasus Therapy, please visit their site at: www.PegasusTherapy.com

Chester Weber Makes History as First American to Win the Four-in-Hand Division at the CHIO Aachen

Aachen, Germany (July 21, 2014) – An exceptional season for Chester Weber became even more impressive as the 11-time US National Four-in-Hand Champion trumped the competition at Aachen, Germany to win the Four-in-Hand division at the CHIO Aachen.  In the history making win, he and his team of KWPN geldings were awarded success in the CAIO4* competition after a heated competition with major contenders, continuing his legacy of undefeated success in 2014.  The win marks Weber as one of only 10 Americans to win at Aachen, and the first ever to win the Four-in-Hand division at the prestigious show in the nearly nine decades that it has been in existence. Kicking off the competition with a brilliant dressage score of 36.22, Weber and his team took an early lead at Aachen.  Known for his prowess in the dresage phase, Weber was the only team to score below a 40, with Boyd Exell of Australia clocking in second with a 41.  Excell would continue to push Weber, however, leading to a tight competition in the cones and marathon. During the cones phase on Thursday, Weber went clear but added 0.66 in time penalties fto finish 6th.  Exell had 3.00 penalties in the cones, but continued to chase Weber’s lead during the marathon.  Exell proved the marathon to be his forte, finishing in the lead with a 91.63, but Weber was not to be outdone.  With a score of 97.60 in the marathon, his total came to 134.48, giving him the win at Aachen and an incredible lead in to the 2014 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games in Normandy. “Today was a big day for our team and what will be a highlight of my career,” said Weber following his success at Aachen.  “I am humbled to

Breeding Difficult Mares

Read about a fourteen year-old Quarter Horse mare who had been barren for four years. Dr. Fred Benker, with Equine Medical Center of Ocala was called to do a reproduction exam on the mare and handle the breeding. Click here to read more.

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