How is Ozone Being Used for Treatments in Horses?

At Performance Equine Veterinary, we always want to keep clients updated on all the amazing developments and ongoing research in horse health and medicine. Sometimes this can mean discussing topics that may be controversial in the world of veterinary care and pharmaceuticals. We believe in not only managing symptoms of a problem through prescribing drugs and medications, but trying to solve the route of the issue through a holistic and natural approach when possible!

One of these methods we have experimented with is the use of ozone as a treatment for horses with muscle diseases like tying-up exertional rhabdomyolysis, bacterial infections and more. But first let’s talk about what ozone is. If you’re thinking about the ozone layer in the atmosphere, you’re halfway there! Essentially, we have a machine that takes oxygen, runs it through a UV light processing which produces O3. In relation to this you may have also heard of Prolozone, which is a combination of vitamins and other natural ingredients that are mixed with ozone before being administered.

After coming across a doctor in Florida that was using ozone for tendon and joint healing in people, we asked why couldn’t we also use the same method in horses? Ozone is an amazing anti-inflammatory for any and all joint issues from the back, to stifles, knees, etc. We first began using it with a client who was also interested in natural health solutions and we were able to test it on unwell, non-competing horses who had nothing to lose. Since then, our results have been nothing but positive now in over 3000 cases! It is not yet FDA approved, but we stand by this as a 100% natural option for horses that doesn’t promote harm or doping.

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