Our Certified Therapists Make The Difference!

  • Fully Trained Professionals
  • Experienced in Equine and Canine Rehab and Conditioning
  • Effective Treatment for a Wide Range of Problems Using the Most Advanced Modalities and Equipment
  • Top Flight Care
  • Licensed & Insured

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With certified therapists and over 7 years of experience in the Sports Therapy field, EPIC: Equine Performance Innovative Center is Florida’s ONLY comprehensive provider of equine & canine Sports Therapy services. No matter how major or minor the injury, our Certified Therapists use our wide variety of cutting edge therapies to return your equine and canine athletes to their pre-injury function. This is why horse enthusiasts and animals lovers across the country insist upon and choose EPIC for their animals’ care.


You can contact the staff of The Equine Performance Center at 352-369-HEAL (4325)