Does Your Foal Have A Club Foot?

The 5 facts you need to know when dealing with club feet in foals!

  1. Club feet happen when there is a contraction (shortening) of the deep digital flexor tendon or check ligament.
  2. Club feet can happen on a single foot or multiple feet.
  3. You can work on a foal with club feet as soon as 1 day old.
  4. Most foals with club feet do not need surgery.
  5. Corrective timing and shoeing is the first line of defense for club feet problems

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What do we do to fix it ?

Your Veterinarian might want to treat medically the first day. Sometimes oxytetracycline and splint bandages
Your farrier will trim the heals as soon as possible.
A corrective shoe can be placed as soon 2 weeks after birth.
If this is not done soon enough, or if this does not correct the problem, then check ligament surgery might be necessary
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