Aquapacer Benefits

Aquapacer Benefits

The 7 Unique Benefits of the Aquapacer Therapy

  • Increase back and core strength
  • Overall increased range of motion and integrity of joints with osteoarthrits.
  • Neurological horses can be improved over 90 days because it improves core muscles, core stability and increases truncal sway
  • Faster return to work after surgery
  • Underwater treadmill can be used with other water modalities such as pool exercise
  • Horses can go 5 days a week to the aquapacer with no side effects but rather gains and improvements


We target the muscles we want to.

By controlling the water level on the Aquapacer, we can control what muscles and what joints are going to work more than others.

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Get your horse out of the daily routine.

Your horse will be concentrating on the job and taking a mental break form the daily activities.


Aquapacer can be used in combination with swimming!

The combination of under water treadmill with swimming is a great conditioning tool for non lame horses. It will add strength to your horse as well as lung capacity.