Our State-Of-The-Art Therapy Can Help Your Canine Companion Reach Its Peak.

Pain Management • Wound Healing • Weight Management • Joint Pain & Muscle Soreness • Exercise • Conditioning

The Equine Performance Center’s technologically advanced approach is designed so that each and every canine companion or athlete can reach their physical and mental peak. Our staff will use their years of experience to establish protocols designed for the individual dog. If your dog is suffering from a medical problem, these protocols will be designed with the assistance of your veterinarian so we can be sure to give your special friend every opportunity for complete recovery.

Your veterinarian will be implemented any diagnose and treatment plan established by our staff in every phase of the healing and rehabilitation process. Our facility will serve as an extension of your veterinarian’s hospital and our staff will support them completely. Our mission is to provide complete support to the veterinarian and your canine companion.

Our 26 acre state-of-the-art facility coupled with a staff with decades of experience will provide your dog with the best care possible in the safest environment imaginable. An attention to detail provides your special friend with every opportunity to recover mentally and physically.

We offer the following therapies and services at our 50,000 square foot State-of-the-art facility:

Additional Services

  • P3 Electromagnetic Pulse Therapy
  • Solarium
  • Zamar Sports Injury Hot/Cold Therapy
  • Customized Recovery Program
  • Mobile Laser & P3 Therapy – locally to your home or clinic
  • Transpirator II With Equisilver

Post-Surgical Care

We have the equipment, protocols, and staff to help your dog recover quickly and completely from major surgery. In most cases, healing time is reduced substantially with the use of our state-of-the-art equipment. This means less chance of complications after surgery as well as less pain and discomfort for your dog.

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