First used in the space program to offset the loss of bone strength and muscle mass as a result of minimal gravitational forces, and then in the health industry to reduce the effects of osteoporosis, Whole Body Vibration (WBV) is now widely used in physical therapy and rehabilitation for many conditions and injuries,  and as a way to improve fitness in the competing athlete.   Vertical vibration Improves circulation and increases the oxygen uptake in muscles, helping alleviate pain and inflammation in soft tissue injuries and accelerating hoof growth.  Vibration also maintains bone integrity and density when a horse has little or no exercise.

****It is important to understand that the body is made to absorb vertical forces that are encountered in walking, running and jumping.   Shearing or horizontal forces are not as absorbed and can result in injury to muscle, ligament and joint capsule injuries.

Vertical Vibration Therapy helps:

Increase bone mineral density for stronger bone

Increase muscle mass and strength

Relieve sore strained muscles

Increase “explosive strength”, flexibility and range of motion

Increase energy levels and decrease body toxins

Improve circulation and oxygen uptake in tissue to speed healing

Alleviate pain and inflammation

Improve lymphatic system functions

Decrease cellulitis and lymphangitis

Increase circulation in the hoof to manage:

  1. chronic laminitis
  2. thin soles
  3. underrun heels
  4. quarter cracks
  5. poor hoof growth

Warm up before competitions without sapping energy

Encourage relaxation for jittery or nervous performers

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