Are You Frustrated with Laminitis?

laminitis treatment
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Sometimes a second or third point of view can help to unravel a case.

A venogram can give us quite a bit of information!

The picture above gave me one the happiest days of my career.

This mare presented with severe laminitis, very poor hoof and multiple abscesses. After we did a venogram we were able to find out that she had some blood supply to the foot.

This was music to our ears.

Even though we knew it was going to be a slow process. We were very encouraged to work on her.

The therapies offered the Equine Performance Center treat the whole animal in ways that are just not possible with medication alone.

Several months later, she was walking much better and having a very healthy happy life.
If you have horse with this horrible disease and want a different perspective, I invite you to give us a call at at the Equine Performance Center to make an appointment at 352-369-4325,or email us at

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