Thank you for taking great care of Jimbo


My horse had an acute case of laminitis this past week and just got to come home yesterday. To say the least this facility is amazing and so are all the people who take care for the animals from the doctors, to feeders, to stall cleaners, and handlers, and even the office staff all took a part in my horses recovery. Dr. Eric Perez was absolutely amazing and took the time to explain all treatment options while making sure to not do a bunch of unnecessary treatments. I highly recommend anyone and everyone has any kind of lameness or injury in a horse to go see the caring people at EPIC!!


My beautiful girl Isabella is the best at stretching, all thanks to Dr. Maria teaching her! We do stretching every day at my barn now.


Goldie came in from the pasture one afternoon with excessive swelling on her abdomen. Thinking that she had laid on a bed of ants, I hosed her down gave her some Banamine and put her in the stall for the night. The next day it was worse and looked like several bites on her abdomen. My vet suggested I send her to the Equine Performance Center for hydrotherapy. After several treatments her abdomen cleared and she is doing great. The staff at EPC was very professional, knowledgeable and helpful. They would get Goldie in for treatment within 24 hours of a phone call to them. I am a firm believer in hydrotherapy treatment and would recommend it. I would also recommend EPC. They were wonderful to Goldie.


Our Quarter Horse gelding, Double T Blue Chip’s recovery has been greatly accelerated because of the treatment he received while at EPC. The many training and therapeutic options available at your facility are perfect to select the program necessary for the best results for the horses. “Blue” made it back to the show arena (not a dry eye in the building by the way) earlier than he would have without the treatments. The personnel were wonderful to work with and even gave “Blue” his daily dose of carrots and peppermints. We looked forward to our weekly email updates and felt very confident he was receiving the best of care.


The Equine Performance Center has been critical in bring Doc back to top form after his joint infection last fall. The facility has a friendly, professional staff and a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment. It is so wonderful to have such a great resource virtually in my backyard! Thank you for helping us get to Rolex-

Photo credit Shannon Brinkman


Incredible Dualin is a 10 year-old Quarter Horse who has been working hard at working cows for more than five years after becoming “bored” with. Since moving to Florida, Dulan spent a few months with a cow horse trainer who recognized his niche at working cows, then spent a summer in Montana learning more, is currently shown by myself in Working Cow horse events and is ridden at home at least 5 days a week.

Last summer I began to notice some reluctance in his right lead departures, and during his stops, spins and turns on the fence. He started dragging a hind lead for no apparent reason and did not have his usual attitude when going in the pen. Many people advised me to have his hocks injected but that was a last resort for me, since I wasn’t totally convinced his hocks were the problem; so on impulse I stopped at EPC one day out of curiosity, and was immediately fascinated with not only their facility, buts mostly with the attitude of the staff. Every person I met was welcoming, interested and seemed very knowledgeable without any trace of a “hard sell”.

They recommended trying electromagnetic therapy and I cautiously agreed. During Dualin’s first treatment it was immediately obvious when the approached his right shoulder and left hip that he was in fact pretty muscle sore. On the same day of that treatment, I hauled 3 hours to a horse show and rode him that same evening. I was astounded at the difference in his way of moving (much softer), he picked up his right lead every time (with NO hesitation as was evident before) and his attitude was outstanding! One more interesting point, I never told my farrier what I had done and when he came to reset Dualin’s shoes a few weeks later, he asked me what had changed in Dualin’s routine, since he was seeing a huge difference in the wear of his shoes as well as the ease with which he held his foot up when he was being shod…

The results are obvious to any knowledgeable horse owner; I cannot say enough about EPC and especially commend the staff who each go above and beyond with the horse’s welfare foremost in their minds. I have several other candidates to challenge them with, but have no doubt they will solve anything I can give them.


Equine Performance Center has the knowledge and experience combined with the best care and state-of-the-art equipment available. I am glad I tried them and I highly recommend them to anyone in need of rehab, therapy, or top-flight conditioning.


Dr. Rullan and his team at EPIC are outstanding. They’ve provided excellent care for all my horses, and done the impossible to bring back my FEI horse to performance level work again. Hands down the best sports medicine facility around!!!!


I’m always happy knowing I can bring my horses here for the best care and treatment.


This place is insanely genuine with their customer service and the quality of staff they hire. They care so much for the animals and I wouldn’t go anywhere else.


I felt extremely comfortable with my animals at the facility, the staff is caring and helped me every step of the way. This is my go to facility from now on. PERIOD. I know my horses are in great hands.


Excellent costumers service, great veterinarian, amazing surgeon, beautiful rehabilitation center.. add to all of that a lot of knowledge, passion and happiness!


Alpha 2M is AMAZING!! My horse’s neck is so much better!

He’s on the right track now! He’s now super steady in the bridle and holding his neck easily in a high dressage frame.