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Are You Frustrated with Laminitis?

Sometimes a second or third point of view can help to unravel a case. A venogram can give us quite a bit of information! The picture above gave me one the happiest days of my career. This mare presented with severe laminitis, very poor hoof and multiple abscesses. After we did a venogram we were able to find out that she had some blood supply to the foot. This was music to our ears. Even though we knew it was going to be a slow process. We were very encouraged to work on her. The therapies offered the Equine Performance Center treat the whole animal in ways that are just not possible with medication alone. Several months later, she was walking much better and having a very healthy happy life. If you have horse with this horrible disease and want a different perspective, I invite you to give us a call at at the Equine Performance Center to make an appointment at 352-369-4325,or email us at

Does your Foal Have a Club Foot?

The 5 facts you need to know when dealing with club feet in foals! Club feet happen when there is a contraction (shortening) of the deep digital flexor tendon or check ligament. Club feet can happen on a single foot or multiple feet. You can work on a foal with club feet as soon as 1 day old. Most foals with club feet do not need surgery. Corrective timing and shoeing is the first line of defense for club feet problems Get a NO Charge Consult in our Podiatry Day March 18 2019 Get a NO Charge Consult in our Next Podiatry Day! Call us at 352-307-3690 for a free consult What do we do to fix it ? Your Veterinarian might want to treat medically the first day. Sometimes oxytetracycline and splint bandages Your farrier will trim the heals as soon as possible. A corrective shoe can be placed as soon 2 weeks after birth. If this is not done soon enough, or if this does not correct the problem, then check ligament surgery might be necessary Our podiatry team can help you and your foal with club feet. Find out when is our next podiatry day and visit us for a FREE EXAM

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Equine Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

Look what the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber can DO! We are proud to offer Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy as a life saving measure for our patients. I am sure you like many are wondering, how does it work? When would I use it? What are the benefits? Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy HBOT aids healing in the following ways: Stimulates stem cell production Stimulates growth of new blood vessels in bone and soft tissue Decreases swelling and inflamation Increases levels of white blood cells to kill bacteria in infected tissues Anaerobic bacteria are killed directly by the high level of oxygen reaching the infected tissues HBOT can be used to treat the following: EIPH or Bleeders Breeding - helps uterus return to normal size, dummy foals improve with increased blood flow to brain Anemia or blood loss Bone Infection Wounds and Trauma Laminitis Post-surgical patients- decreases recovery time Increases oxygen intake levels Surgical site incision infections Interested in learning more: CLICK HERE (

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