Situated on nearly 30 pristine acres adjacent to Highway 27 in northwest Marion County, The Equine Performance Equine Center has been treating world class equine athletes, outstanding breeding stock, and many family’s equine friends for nearly six years.  The goal of the partners in this project was to develop The EPC into the finest facility in the nation and then staff it with the best people available. The EPC has quickly been recognized by horsemen and women from all disciplines as the finest, most comprehensive facility of its kind in the world.

The founders at The EPC spent two years planning the multi-million dollar facility, finding a location, and looking at different types of therapy and equipment, while making comparisons regarding which ones they would want to use—evaluating positives and negatives of various modalities. They eventually purchased a farm in their home town of Ocala. “We now have stall capacity for 42 horses. We have two 20 stall barns and the therapy building has two 12 x 24 air-conditioned & heated stalls,” says general manager Brenda McDuffee.

The EPC features the most advanced conditioning and rehab equipment available in the world today including an Equine Hyperbaric Chamber – box stall type for freedom of movement while therapy is administered, an Aqua Pacer Water Treadmill – the safest, most effective water treadmill available, Cold Saltwater Leg Spa – 34 degree, highly salinated water for all types of leg therapy, Equine Swimming Pool – 110 foot long, 14 foot deep inline pool with therapeutic water, 5/8 mile race track, two Eurocisers with therapeutic tracking surface – one under cover and one outdoors, Solariums, Temperature-controlled veterinary inspection area with semi-surgical lighting, and rubberized surfaces in most areas. In addition to this, The EPC offers Mobile Therapy, Equine Massage, Chiropractic, Dental, Pegasus Therapy Laser, MagnaWave/P3 Electromagnetic Pulse Therapy, PRO Orthopedic Devices, DAC Vitamins & Minerals, and Therapeutic Farrier services as well as many other cutting-edge treatment options.

The staff of The EPC has decades of experience treating equine athletes of all breeds and this experience has been invaluable in helping horses of all kinds successfully return to useful lives and competition as well as conditioning and preparing them to perform at their best in their next big event.

The EPC has numerous success stories from all facets of the equine world.  “Our goal, first and foremost, is to send every horse home in the best condition possible as well as physically and mentally sound,” says McDuffee.

According to the veterinarians, trainers, and owners, The EPC meets and exceeds that goal. “The staff is top notch, they communicate well, and involve everyone. I feel very confident sending horses there,” says Tim Lynch, DVM, DACVS (Peterson and Smith Equine Hospital, a practice involving 24 veterinarians, in Ocala). Sandra Gosselin, DVM (Foil Equine, in Ocala) has sent horses to The EPC and feels it’s a beneficial addition to the equine community.
“I send a number of horses there for rehab,” she says.

You can contact the staff of The Equine Performance Center at 352-369-HEAL (4325).